The Lab Man

In a couple of weeks I have to go to see my doctor. I had hoped to be below 200 pounds before that date, but unless I quit eating entirely, it is unlikely. So much for the diet.

Before I see my doctor, she always wants me to see the nice lab man. You know, the vampire-type guy who takes your bloooooood. You know, for those medical tests you really don’t want but have to have whether you like it or not…I HATE this part. I close my eyes and just keep talking until it is over.

This time, the nice lab man (who really IS nice, by the way), had trouble getting the blood out of my arm. So, handy-dandy sort that he is, he took some fancy thingy and took the blood from my hand. Now I have two pieces of cotton on my body stuck on with tape. One on my hand and the other on the inside of my elbow.

I survived.

I really should weigh myself and keep to my goal of posting it weekly here on this blog. But, I am too traumatized by all the vampire-like activity today. So, I am just posting this here post.

Auntie Shoe

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