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It is been too long since I have posted here. There’s really only good news. Since my last doctor visit I’ve lost 8 pounds, and that’s without barely trying. So, if I actually tried I might be able to take off some of these 209 pounds that my doctor would really rather I didn’t keep.

My blood sugar is down to something like 5.5, so my doctor said that I should keep doing whatever it is I’m doing in regards to watching my carbs. However, my blood pressure is an entirely different story. I take three different blood pressure medications and, so far, we’ve managed to get my blood pressure down to a whopping 145 over I don’t remember what.

This all being what it is, it’s pretty much apparent to me that additional exercise and weight loss is kind of imperative if I don’t want to have a stroke or something. Truth is, I don’t want to have a stroke or something.

So, I really have to get serious about this diet thing. But, diet is just die with a T at the end. In the coming weeks I will be telling you what my diet plan is, just as soon as I have one.

And for the sake of keeping with the theme of this blog which is dieters who design, the product for this week is below:

BBQ apron reading I love small, cuddly animals Especially in a good gravy.

You can purchase the item by clicking on the picture above or here. The BBQ apron reads, “I love small, cuddly animals. Especially in a good gravy.”

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