Helps for Collecting Design Ideas

Hello all members!

Here is a list of ways to collect ideas. Please post any you have, with a brief blurb & a link, if you have one, to help us hit the ground running! Or walking, as the case may be. lol

Please post below this file to be added later. To our success! Thanks ahead!

1. Talk as I walk: I will takeĀ a small tape recorder when I walk. I’ll listen to the recording later for any new ideas.

2. Bedtime Bard: I will keep a pen & notepad by my bed so I can write down ideas that keep me wake. šŸ˜‰

3, Other People’s Banter: If I hear someone say something funny/cute, I’ll make note of it, look it up to be sure it isn’t just a jingle, rewrite it and use it.

4. Downtime Rhymes: If I’m stuck waiting for Hubby or in the grocery line, I’ll look around and jot down anything interesting that might make a good T-Shirt.

5. Dieters Research: I’ll search the internet for ideas andĀ makeĀ custom changes to fit our group.

6. The Man in the Street: I will talk toĀ peopleĀ about diets. Like: Are you married? What is the one thing that bugs you about her dieting? or/ What is the one thing keeping you from meeting your goal? and such. It has been my experience, once you get them talking they’ll give me tons of ideas! This could work in a mall even. šŸ™‚ Yeah, take the recorder for this one!

7. Shopping for Ideas: Whenever I’m shopping, I’ll look at the dieting stuff to see what people are using, not using. Make a parody of the most popular products and such.

-Dieters End-


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