AmeriYank or Auntie Shoe

This blog is about dieting. The other thing that all the writers here have in common is that we all design for print-on-demand (POD) sites.

So, this bio about moi will include my personal battle with the bulge, as well as some info regarding my designing career.

As to the first, I am, as of this morning, 209.5 pounds and 5’6″ tall. Yes, people, I am FAT. Not pudgy, not pleasingly plump, but FAT. And, as a diabetic, diagnosed a year ago, almost exactly, I need to do something about this. My posts here will be about my journey to skinny.

But, I will also post about my designs. At least, those that have something to do with food. I may, on occasion, blog about other designs because I am the owner of this blog and I can do whatever I want. So, there!

I have shops all over the Internet at every print-on-demand (POD) site I can find. This is a list of some of my shops. Not a full list mind, you, just a list:

AmeriYank’s AmeriWear
Mary and Jesus at Zazzle
Laugh Stuff at Zazzle
I Hate Gear at Zazzle
Mary and Jesus at CafePress
Laugh Stuff at CafePress
I Hate Gear at CafePress
Flagnation at Zazzle
Flags-of-Nations at INKtastic
Mary and Jesus at INKtastic
Laugh Stuff at INKtastic
Flagnation or Flags of Nations at Printfection
Flagnation at Skreened
Flagnation at Spreadshirt

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