About Us

Not a lot to say. We are people who have weight issues. Yeah, that’s right, issues. That is a polite way of saying we are FAT. YEPPERS, that’s us. BIG, FAT, and we LOVE to eat.

We also design for print-on-demand (POD) companies. Someone started a group on Facebook to discuss our diets, and some of us got the idea to blog about it. Just our journey to skinny.

But we also design. It is our other addiction. So, we decided to share our designs with you as we also share our weight loss. You can read about all the members on their individual pages, but this is just a general thing about who we are.

To read the individual bios of the writers on this blog, just look at the names and choose who you want to know about. Everyone is allowed to write whatever they wish about themselves.

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